Consultation: Bishop’s Bridge Parapet Panels

The Paddington Partnership is carrying out a consultation on draft designs for parapet panels on Bishop’s Bridge.

This work follows a public realm plan funded by the Neighbourhood Forum through Community Infrasturtcure Levy back in 2021. Extensive consultation was then undertaken on the ideas throughout 2022, published in 2023.

Westminster Council have committed to leading on the highways elements through the Paddington Public Realm Plan, and asked the Paddington Partnership to lead on adding colour and contrast to the bridge’s appearance.

The proposal being consulted on involves the replacement of 69 of 183 stainless steel panels, telling four stories on different sections of the bridge.

You can view the designs here. The consultation closes at midnight on Monday 22 January 2024, following which amendments will be made and an application made to Westminster City Council for advertising consent.

A Neighbourhood CIL application to cover the manufacturing and installation costs will be made on behalf of the Forum, which was agreed at its last Steering Group meeting on 6 December 2023.

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