Forum submits infrastructure priorities to Westminster Council

The Hyde Park and Paddington Neighbourhood Forum has submitted a series of public realm and asset priorities to Westminster Council for inclusion in its Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP). This document, produced annually, identifies infrastructure needs across the City and informs planning and spending decisions, including section 106 negotiations, capital programme allocations (including Strategic CIL), and Neighbourhood CIL application decisions.

The scope of the IDP includes education, health and social care, public transport, highways, traffic & parking, active travel, culture & tourism, leisure & community facilities, green & blue infrastructure, climate change & sustainability, utilities and waste.

This is the first time that Neighbourhood Forums have been invited to submit their priorities, taking advantage of local knowledge and insights that Forum members have.

Projects submitted on behalf od the Forum include:

  • Bathurst Street – A package to improve the gateway to Bathurst Street from Westbourne Street. This route to Connaught Village is used every day by high numbers of visitors from Lancaster Gate station and guests from the Royal Lancaster Hotel. The route lacks any wayfinding, amenity and is often littered with waste at its entrance.
  • Praed Street Townscape Project – With the completion and opening of Paddington Square in 2024, the contrast with the south side of Praed Street will be a stark one. A comprehensive programme of shopfront, pavement, crossings, wayfinding, space for cycle deliveries and parking, green walls, public transport assets like bus stops and waste management improvements is required, in partnership with the council.
  • CCTV – To install a network of CCTV cameras across long-term hotspots in the Hyde Park ward, including Edgware Road.
  • Bishop’s Bridge – A programme of public art, heritage and wayfinding panels on the parapets of the bridge to celebrate the location’s rich industrial heritage and provide much-needed contrast to the stark concrete parapets, telling Paddington’s story and supporting additional development on and adjacent to the bridge itself. This project will accompany a highways programme to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists using the bridge.
  • Community Space – The Hyde Park ward has no community, cultural or social meeting spaces that are open to all. No library, no community centre, no family centre, no leisure facilities. There is nowhere for community organisations to meet for free, to socialise, leading to issues of loneliness and isolation for young and old alike.
  • Paddington Station to Connaught Village – To improve the walking routes from Paddington Station down into the Hyde Park Estate. Previous applications were made for Neighbourhood CIL in February 2020 that were deferred, and deemed premature. These included London Street to Connaught Village and Sale Place to Connaught Village. The Forum has asked these to be brought back to the table as projects.
  • Public Art – The success of recent public art installations in Paddington has led residents to call for increased efforts to expand this. Options being explored include adoption of listed (disused) telephone boxes and introducing cultural or artistic operators into vacant shops/meanwhile spaces as pop-ups. The Forum is committed to animating public spaces and routes.

The draft IDP and accompanying Infrastructure Delivery Schedule will go out to public consultation in early 2024.

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