Project Ideas for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Funding (February 2020)

Members of the Neighbourhood Forum invited ideas for submission to the current round of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding at our AGM on 6 February.  These have been combined with other project proposals from members, and a short-list drawn up following discussion with Hyde Park Ward Councillors on 14 February and a walkabout with Westminster Council’s Highways team on 17 February.

The deadline for applications to the neighbourhood portion of the CIL fund is 28 February. Please let us have your feedback on the suggested projects below by noon on Thursday 20 February.

Bishop’s Bridge Road

To create a public realm action plan to improve the pedestrian experience on Bishop’s Bridge Road. The project includes developing a costed plan for tackling signage, way-finding, clutter, pedestrian safety and the lack of green infrastructure.

London Street to Connaught Village

Improving the walking route from Paddington Station to Connaught Village, drawing up plans for pavement widening, greening, way-finding and public art.

Paddington Basin to Connaught Village

Improving the walking route from Paddington Basin, along Sale Place, through the Hyde Park Estate, drawing up plans for pavement widening and pedestrian priority measures.

Edgware Road Insights Study

Commissioning a study of Edgware Road’s retail performance and catchment area, challenges and opportunities, to underpin the emerging Neighbourhood Plans for both Hyde Park Paddington and Marylebone.

Norfolk Square Gardens Showcase

To create a colourful showpiece for Paddington’s Norfolk Square Gardens.

South Wharf Road/Praed Street Junction

To introduce pedestrian safety measures at this busy junction on South Wharf Road and Praed Street.

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