Project Ideas for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Funding

Members of the Neighbourhood Forum invited ideas for submission to the current round of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding on 20 June. At the General Meeting held on 19 June several ideas were suggested and discussed. These have been combined with other project proposals from members, and a short-list drawn up following discussion with Hyde Park Ward Councillors on 5 July.

The deadline for applications to the neighbourhood portion of the CIL fund is 24 July. Please let us have your feedback on the suggested projects below by noon on Thursday 18 July.

Lancaster Gate

To ban the left turn from Westbourne Street into Stanhope Terrace, to reduce rat-running through the Hyde Park Estate. £40,000 is sought for a feasibility study and modelling.

Connaught Village Green

To create a new community space at the centre of Connaught Village in the Hyde Park Estate, relocating three parking places and adding greenery and a water fountain. This project could be funded partly by the Strategic portion of CIL and partly from the Neighbourhood portion, for which £50,000 is sought.

Burwood Place

To introduce new green infrastructure to the newly created public space at Burwood Place. These would not include seating or create space for anti-social behaviour. Match funded by Marble Arch BID, £10,000 would be sought.

Sussex Gardens

To re-pave and lift this poor corner of Edgware Road and Sussex Gardens, dealing with the tree’s roots, providing new surfaces, cleaning the recycling area and upgrading the railings and street sign. Match-funded by Marble Arch BID, £15,000 is sought for a feasibility study to bring the Peace Garden into a wider scheme to improve this high profile corner.

Fleming Museum

To breathe new life into the Fleming Museum at St Mary’s Hospital, where Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. Creating a new sign, entrance, renewing exhibition boards and cabinets, upgrading digital and print media. Match funded by PaddingtonNow BID, a CIL contribution of £30,000 is sought.

The Bays

To improve the link between London Street and Paddington Station canalside, along The Bays. Improving lighting, introducing gateway signage, tackling surfaces and drainage and introducing an industrial and medical heritage narrative using graphics. Match funded by The Paddington Partnership, £100,000 is sought.

Telephone Boxes as Community Assets

To re-purpose the five listed telephone boxes at the junction of Bayswater Road and Edgware Road for community use. Successful schemes elsewhere have seen telephone boxes used as collection points for cupcakes, coffee spots, floral displays, cashpoints, libraries and art galleries. Match funded by Marble Arch BID £10,000 is sought for a feasibility study.

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