Share your ideas for Priority Projects

Westminster City Council is inviting ideas for how to spend the Neighbourhood portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in the area.

CIL is generated through developments, based on a set fee per square metre and collected by Westminster City Council.

The City Council decides how the bulk of that funding is spent, but where there is a Neighbourhood Forum in place, such as the Hyde Park Paddington Neighbourhood Forum, 15% of the CIL money is termed the ‘Neighbourhood portion’, on which the City Council has a duty to consult a Neighbourhood Forum.

This is not an open grant process. More a way for Neighbourhood Forums to make suggestions to the City Council about how the money might be spent locally.

There is currently £623,000 in the Neighbourhood portion of collected CIL in the Hyde Park Paddington designated Forum area.

At the HPP Neighbourhood Forum General Meeting on 19 June we invited members of the Forum to suggest projects and priorities for submission to Westminster City Council.

The criteria for projects include supporting growth, being capable of delivery within 12 months of funding being agreed and being forward-looking – not attempting to solve existing problems.

Ideas must fall within particular categories that align with City Council services, broadly public realm/transport, health/community services, education, parks/sport/leisure, utilities/waste. Support from our local ward councillors and relevant City Council officers for ideas must be obtained.

We are therefore asking members of the Forum to suggest projects to us by noon on 30 June.

The Steering Group will then review these, discuss them with our ward councillors and publish their proposed submissions on our website for comment by members by noon on 12 July, in order to finalise project details for submission by 24 July.

You can view the application form here. Or click here to view the official invitation for project applications.

To make a project suggestion or if you have any questions about the process, you can drop us an email, or call Mike Fairmaner (at Marble Arch London BID) on 020 3145 1204.

This is a wonderful opportunity to support the neighbourhood and for residents, businesses and BIDs to work together to enhance the district as a place to live, work, learn, stay, shop, do business and visit.

The deadline for project idea submissions is 24 July 2019.

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