The Hyde Park and Paddington Neighbourhood Area was designated by the City of Westminster in 2014. The Forum was established in 2017. We envisage a vibrant, well-balanced community of established and new residents and businesses in the Hyde Park and Paddington Area.

A partnership of the Hyde Park Estate Association, the Paddington Partnership, PaddingtonNow and Marble Arch BIDs and the Church Commissioners – alongside local residents, businesses and organisations – the Forum has successfully pursued a range of Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) applications, including gateway schemes, the introduction of green infrastructure, public realm projects and measures to improve connections between ‘old’ and ‘new’ Paddington.

The Forum’s emerging planning policy approach focuses on the retail centres of Praed Street, Edgware Road and Connaught Village.

We work closely with residents, businesses, landlords and statutory agencies in the area to maximise the opportunities arising from development proposals, investment and transport enhancements, whilst protecting the area’s rich heritage.

The Forum will work within the following key six themes: